Novametal do Brasil Ltda

Founded on January 2000, Novametal Brazil was established aiming at the production an commercialization of wires and bars produced from stainless steel, aluminium and high alloy for several applications. Following the steps of its head office, Novametal Suiça S.A., founded in 1982, Novametal Brazil seeks a continuing technological an commercial expansion focusing at meeting its customers requirements an needs. Its dynamism is settled on a quality policy based on precision, talent, organization and in quality control methodology which is contantly revised and updated (Novametal Brazil is certified according to NBR ISO 9001 since 2003).

In a very short time, Novametal has reached great technical an commercial detachment in its fields. The key to its succes has always been the development of solid work relationship with its customers, turning market necessities into high quality products, Novametal Brazil has been being capable of developing sophisticated production an quality systems wich monitorize its products during each production step in order to achieve and surpass our customers requirements. This dynamic exchange of trust and understanding has been the foundation to the development of Novametal Brazil.